What is HAZMAT Shipping?

The diversity of products being shipped around the globe is pretty astounding if you think about it. From food to medicine and construction equipment to electronics, you may wonder how dangerous freight- such as chemicals and flammable substances- are safely shipped.

That’s where HAZMAT shipping comes into the picture. In this post, we are going to discuss what this type of logistics consists of and tips to ensure a successful job if you plan to use HAZMAT services for your next shipment.

HAZMAT definition

This is the term used for the act of shipping hazardous materials. These materials require special regulations to be met and need professional handling. These materials are serious, because they pose a health risk if exposed to the public.

Gases, solids and liquids can all be dangerous. They can be flammable, poisonous or explosive.

Use these tips to be a HAZMAT pro

  • Take your time with packaging: This is one area of expertise not to be overlooked or done on the fly. If dangerous materials break or leak, it will only result in more complications that include further spending, and in worse case situations, loss of life.
  • Go with quality packaging materials:Ensure there is plenty of cushioning, and that the items are packed tightly, braced and secured to avoid breakage. Use cartons or drums, sealing them tightly to avoid exposure to moisture or air.
  • Think about cargo placement: When you load up your freight, place hazardous cargo near the doors, so it is easier to reach and discard quickly in lieu of an accident.
  • Document everything: Take pictures before, during and after the shipment for extra liability coverage.
  • Use the right labels: That means placing the label on the packaged cargo after it is sealed up. Ensure the label includes the IMDG code/UN No. that outlines the risk category and level of danger.
  • HAZMAT drivers: Seek out logistics professionals that are experienced in HAZMAT. Choose truck drivers and agents who have received training and certification that will do a proper job and give you peace of mind.