How To Keep Your Truck In Optimal Shape During Winter

Brrrr it’s freezing out there! And, it’s not just cold for us- but our trucks as well!

When winter swoops down upon the earth on icy wings, the frigidity can have a harmful impact on your truck. Whether you live in a cold region or travel frequently through such areas, you need to know how to properly maintain and handle your truck to prevent mechanical problems.

As well, safety is a top priority, which needs to be kept in mind when preparing your truck for winter. Remember- this is one of the busiest times of the year for shippers with holiday shopping exploding. Long hours making deliveries and meeting deadlines can get tiring. Ensuring your truck is running well lowers dangerous risks.

Here’s our top tips for taking care of your truck when the temperatures start to drop.

Engine Block Heater

You should avoid allowing your truck to sit idle for long periods of time, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If your diesel truck will be sitting out overnight, it’s probably a good idea to invest in an engine block heater. This will keep your truck engine toasty all night long, so when you wake up and get ready to hit the road, your truck will be more warmed up and ready.

It’s Never A Bad Time For A Check Up

Don’t slouch on the mechanical inspections! In fact, you should do it more often during the cold months, as parts can freeze and low air pressure in tires isn’t safe on icy roads. Take time each day to stop and inspect the running components. Focus on the fuel tank, trailer doors, power chords and defroster, as these parts are more apt to freeze up. Make sure those tires are filled correctly to avoid slipping and sliding on the highways.

Fuel Smart

Extreme cold can have a harsh impact on your fuel tank. You’ll want to pay attention to the fuel you use and stick to quality products geared to handle the winter. Choose a winter weight fuel with well-mixed in additives, For example, a cloud point additive will prevent filter waxing.