3 Tips to Keep Your Shipping Containers in Pristine Condition

The humble shipping container has seen more of the world than any of us ever will. Day and night they are braving the elements, carrying our precious cargo near and far, ensuring safety and prime conditions to the contents within.

How do shipping containers stay in such good shape despite the constant toil they endure? Well, an ingenious design is one reason. Another is the way a container is maintained by the owner. If done properly, a container will last 10 to 12 years!

Here are a few handy tips to keep your containers going strong. Not only will they last, but you’ll save money and give your freight a reliable shelter while traveling.

Level is best

Storing containers is the norm, so it makes sense to be smart about how they sit for long periods of time. Raise them up from the ground using railroad ties or a similar strong boost system. This keeps them from simmering, so to speak, in pooled water when it rains. This also keeps them level and unobstructed so the doors can open and close as they should, sealing tightly.

Regular cleaning & grease

Like any piece of equipment, you’ll notice wear and tear after some time. For containers, this will be rust and dirt. Stay on top of it by using a water and bleach mix to clean off all parts where you notice corrosion. Keep some grease handy to lubricate door hinges, or else they may seize after not being used for awhile. Don’t forget to replace worn rubber seals!

Avoid weight & moisture

When a container goes into storage, it’s best to avoid keeping any type of weight on the roof. This pressure will cause the middle of the roof to fall in little by little (the corners are quite strong, in order to stack containers). Moisture is a problem too, as it instigates rust. Only store dry goods in your container and make sure those doors are shut and sealed on a rainy or humid day.