The Benefits of Using Intermodal Drayage

These days it seems like everyone is talking about intermodal transportation in New Jersey!

The secret is out.


By taking advantage of a more streamlined supply chain with varied transport methods and less handling, business owners are reaping multiple benefits.


What is intermodal transportation and how can you incorporate it into your own shipping practices? Stick with us and we’ll loop you in!

What is intermodal transportation?


This fairly new way to handle the logistics of a shipment involves the use of multiple modes of transportation to get a delivery from point A to point B. These modes include: sea, air, railroad and over-the-road (OTR) drayage to ship goods. A different transport carrier is in charge of each leg of the shipment.

Save money

The biggest benefit of using intermodal to ship is obviously going to be the dollar signs that remain in your pockets. If you need to ship nationwide, the longer the distance the more you’ll be able to save. You can compare rates in different regions to see where intermodal will best suit your needs, combining rail and truck for the utmost efficiency.

Reduce the carbon footprint

These days businesses are taking steps to promote more environmentally friendly practices. Intermodal is all about it! Rail is what greatly reduces carbon emissions, because of the lower dependance on fuel. In fact, by utilizing rail transport to move one ton of freight a mile, you drop emissions by a whopping 83%.

Embrace safety

Theft and accidents are always of concern when the supply chain is moving. Shippers are ramping up security and smart practices to stay vigilant while delivering quickly at the same time. No doubt, it can add extra stress, but intermodal helps to heighten safety in many ways. Rail is by far safer than OTR driving when it comes to accidents, which is especially handy for transporting HAZMAT materials. As well, intermodal means less handling, reducing the risk of theft.