Stay Safe On The Road This Holiday Season

We are in full blown holiday mode, with Thanksgiving literally upon us and the tinkling of Christmas bells just around the corner.

But, behind all the cheer and delight are the logistics professionals making it happen. They are the real Santa Clauses! With eCommerce bursting, Black Friday about to unleash its fury and shoppers are antsy to get those gifts wrapped, truckers are working to get those packages delivered fast and on time.

That’s a lot of hustle n’ bustle on the road. And I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but don’t forget the cold, icy weather that can make road conditions dangerous.

Safety on the road is more important than ever when you’re a truck driver! In this post, we’ll share our top tips to keep you truckin’ defensively.

Full Tank Benefits

A full tank of gas does a lot more than just keeping your truck moving during the busy holidays. When it’s freezing outside, it’s important to learn the little tricks that help your vehicle stay in optimal condition. A full tank will prevent condensation from forming, which is important to prevent mechanical issues. If condensation manages to get into a gas tank, you might be dealing with a stalling engine next. As well, a full tank puts extra weight on the tires to help avoid skidding.

Be A Defensive Driver

Tensions rise during the holidays, especially in the shipping industry. When you’re trying to meet stringent deadlines, the urge to speed and weave in traffic immediately hypes up the risk factor. The best thing to do, no matter how late you may be, is to make the safe and smart choice. Keep to the speed limit and try not to change lanes too much. Remember to check blind spots and watch use your indicators. Start pumping the brakes from a far distance for a gradual speed reduction before coming to a complete stop and go slow over bridges- icy roads are hazardous.

Be Vigilant

Unfortunately, holiday cargo theft is on the rise. This is the time to be extra vigilant. That means taking care of yourself by making sure you sleep 8 hours a night so you are always refreshed. As well, get a security game plan going, testing out surveillance equipment and checking locks to ensure everything is in fine working order. Remember to avoid dimly-lit parking lots and never leave your truck idling unattended.