Heavy Haul Success: What You Need to Know

Heavy haul logistics involves hauling freight of unusual size and weight, primarily extremely large and heavy objects. You might have seen a heavy haul team on the highways, pulling extraordinary items such as houses, wind turbines or military machinery.


Are you looking for heavy haul shipping? Here’s what you need to know before diving in.

Get a solid plan

And by “solid” we mean eat, breathe and LIVE the plan! Heavy haul is no joke, so every phase of the project needs to be scrutinized thoroughly. Everything, from the equipment used, the securing of the freight to the routes that will allow for the safest passage with less hassle (think bridge height and weather) needs to be checked off the list.

Choosing the best long haul vehicle

Take your time to find a reliable trailer that can meet the needs of your oversized shipment. Generally, flatbed trucks are used for heavy haul, because the trailer is open. This allows for more flexibility with space and loading strategies.

Look at the rules and regulations

If you’re traveling over county or state lines, you’ll need to check with each geographic region to ensure you follow heavy haul rules and regulations. They can definitely vary state to state. Heavy haul also requires special permits, so you’ll want to check the areas of transport to see what you need before the delivery is set to commence.

Partner up with a 3PL

Heavy haul is a special sector of logistics, and if you’re new to the game, it might be worth it to partner up with a Third party logistics company. Comprised of industry experts, you will find the equipment, trucks, drivers and planning all in one place. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing your oversized load is being handled by someone experienced in the field.