How to Choose the Best Intermodal Company

Choosing an intermodal transportation provider doesn’t have to be scary!

It all starts with doing your research.

With the internet blazing the way for business these days, it’s easy to find the best intermodal company near you that meets your unique needs.


Whether you’re new to intermodal services or you have a pretty good idea of what you want, here is an informative list we’ve compiled to give you a starting point to find the perfect partner for a job well done.

Two warehouse workers study paperwork

Look at the client base

Nothing is more honest than a customer review.

Make a list of the intermodal service providers in your area, then look up or inquire about client testimonials for a more intimate, detailed perspective of how the company interacts with their customers.

Go big or small?

You’ll find intermodal companies that cater to large scale businesses and ones that handle small businesses.

Which is the right fit for you?


Naturally, smaller intermodal companies tend to deliver more personalized customer service, but larger companies already have a well known reputation and diverse resources.

Look at your shipment goals and make a plan.

A freight train travels through the snow

Considering an eco friendly intermodal company doesn’t hurt

These days more and more businesses are undertaking “go green” initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint, and intermodal is no exception.


In fact, if you’re in logistics services, then you already know that intermodal rail is regarded as a smart way to cut fuel use and greenhouse gases.


When hunting for the best intermodal provider for your shipment, look at the measures they are taking to be environmentally conscious.

Intermodal customer service that can’t be beat

Another factor that we tend to forget about is customer service.

This tip goes hand in hand with scoping out customer reviews, but as well, when you consult with a prospective intermodal company, how is the communication?


Come ready with questions to see how they handle potential problems, like weather delays or break downs.


How will they keep you abreast of your delivery?

Some companies fax updates, others call (which is always a nice personal touch) and some companies are technologically prepped with automatic tracking software that clients can view whenever they want.

Ask about the details and choose what works for you!