The Best 2019 Christmas Gifts for Truck Drivers

Christmas is so close, you can almost taste the eggnog and smell the evergreen! To most of us, the holiday season is filled with traditions, joy and time spent with loved ones.

What we don’t think about though, is who is making it all happen. An endearing picture of Santa probably comes to mind. But, in reality, it’s 2019 and Christmas goodies and gifts are being transported all over America’s highways via trucks.

Truck drivers are going above and beyond this season to make sure you get your Christmas gifts on time. If you have a trucker in your life, they deserve something truly special. But, what do you give a trucker for Christmas? Lucky for you, we’ve got a fail proof list to give you ideas.

1. Audiobook Subscription: Go the tech route by gifting an audiobook subscription to your fellow truck driver. When you spend long hours on the road, it can get a bit boring. Audiobooks allow drivers to get lost in a story without taking their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

2. Gel Seat Cushion: Speaking of long hours spent on the road- imagine how that affects the ol’ derriere! Sitting too long isn’t healthy for anyone. Muscles need to be stretched and moved or else they become stiff and painful. For truck drivers a padded seat cushion makes a big difference to combat discomfort.

3. Polarized Sunglasses: Want to go big this Christmas? Consider surprising the truck driver in your life with a swanky pair of sunglasses. Make them polarized to really rake in the brownie points. We all know how the sun’s glare can be a hassle when driving. For a truck driver, the constant sun exposure can really take it out of the eyes. Polarized lenses reduce eye strain, enhance visibility and make driving safer.

4. Truck Cabin Mattress: Do you know the feeling of sinking into a brand new mattress for the first time? Imagine a truck driver experiencing that same bliss after a long day delivering cargo. There are mattresses specially manufactured to fit in the cabin of a semi truck. This is definitely a golden gift to consider.

5. Drayage Basket: Gift baskets are always a nifty choice, because you can customize it to suit the preferences of the receiver. There are tons of little tools and knick knacks you can include in a gift basket for a trucker. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Swiss army knife
  • Hat or Cap
  • Snacks
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Gift Cards
  • Logistics-Themed Mug
  • Dashboard Decorations