5 Tips to Make Your Supply Chain More Eco Friendly

It seems like everyone is going green these days, and why not? It’s healthier for us, cost effective and better for the planet. Within the logistics industry, making the choice to implement greener practices in the supply chain is paramount. How, you ask? In this post, we give 5 tips to help you get started on responsible shipping and transportation practices.

Utilize intermodal whenever possible

By using multiple modes of transportation to ship, you can save on fuel and time while reducing the carbon footprint. Transporting via ship emits the least amount of carbon emissions, and using All Water Service (AWS) to do it helps maximize ocean time. Once your goods are on land, rail is more sustainable than trucks, as less fuel and energy is needed to transport domestically. Trains use two-thirds less fuel than trucks.

FCL over LTL

By shipping one full sized trailer, you get the most for bang your buck while cutting down on the energy and fuel that would be needed to ship multiple less than loads.

Small fixes

Believe it or not, doors (on reefers, warehouses, etc.) burn a lot of energy. By regularly maintaining equipment by resealing and adding insulation, you can cut down on energy loss. As well, change out fluorescent light bulbs in warehouses to T5 or T8 light bulbs and try to rely more on natural lighting from windows.

Smart packaging

Pay attention to how you package goods and you’ll really be able to make a difference in reducing the carbon footprint. Can you break down certain products to maximize space? For example, if you ship soccer balls you can deflate them to save room when packing. As well, opt for packaging materials that are biodegradable or recyclable.

Join a carbon offset

If you’re a newbie to the green scene, consider buying a carbon offset. This helps fund groups that are researching and developing new eco friendly business strategies. Make sure to choose one that is certified by official organizations and nonprofits.