4 Tips for Using LTL Shipping Services

If you’re a shipper looking for LTL (less than truckload) shipping services, but you’re new to this type of transportation service, we’ve got a few vital tips to help you maximize costs and save time.

Make sure the BOL is filled out the right way

The BOL (Bill of Lading) is an itemized list of contract details between the carrier and shipper. In other words, it serves as a receipt for the goods that are being shipped. You’ll want to take your time to check over how the information is filled out, because careless mistakes can cause miscommunications as to how the shipment should be handled, wasting timing or incurring unnecessary costs.

Boxed goods are loaded onto a pallet

Use pallets when you can

The simple wooden pallet can make cargo handling and loading a lot easier. For example, say your LTL load is made up of several small items. Instead of loading each individual item, you can stack them on 2 pallets and cut down on serious time. If your goods fit within the edges of a pallet and don’t exceed 100 lbs, utilize this type of packaging to optimize your LTL shipping strategy. Pallets also offer your load more support to prevent damages and make it easier to determine how much can fit in a trailer.

Use the latest LTL shipping technology

It’s a bright new digital world out there, with plenty of high tech software options that help increase accuracy, track deliveries and quicken supply chain  practices. Incorporate a TMS system that features order fulfillment, analytics, tracking, reports and automatic tools that bolsters your LTL shipping experience.

Logistics professionals working in a waehouse

Partner up with a logistics company

If you don’t have time to learn the tricks of LTL shipping, consider partnering up with a reputable logistics company. They have the handling equipment, technology  and carrier connections to get your freight set up according to your needs. Most importantly, you get experience on your side. They know the documents you need, the best packaging and how to get your LTL freight delivered safely and on time.