3 Things to Know When Choosing a Warehouse in Cranford

When your load needs to stay put for a night, a warehouse in New Jersey is necessary. The thing is, finding the best warehouse in Cranford, NJ for your needs takes more planning and consideration than just nabbing an empty space. If it’s your first time choosing a shipping warehouse in Cranford, keep these tips in mind to get the most out of your experience.

Location, location, location

Study the region where you will be delivering and learn about the area where distribution will take place. Look for warehousing options near the port where your goods will arrive, and ensure it works with your transportation plan to make handling as fast as possible. Using intermodal drayage? Need access to the railways? Choose a warehouse with location as a top priority for a seamless transition from one place to another.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a warehouse. What security systems and technology do they have in place? Is the facility monitored around the clock? How do they watch who comes and goes and how storage space is organized? Cargo theft is on the rise, and warehouses are primary targets. Inquire about the security measures before making your choice.

Storage amenities

What are the requirements of your unique load? You’ll want to choose a warehouse that can accommodate it, while keeping goods in pristine condition. Check out how loads are handled, the layout plan for ease of movement and the equipment (such as forklifts) that is available. Plan ahead when it comes to space. Perhaps your business is projected to grow. You might not need a lot of space now, but expansion over time can change that. Make sure you choose a warehouse that doesn’t just suit your business at the present, but one you can count on being with for years to come.