3 Benefits of Packaging With Pallets


Pallets are an integral part of the logistics industry, but though they play an important role in the functions of the supply chain every day, this humble square of wooden slats is mostly taken for granted.


It can be argued that palletization, the practice of strategically placing packaged goods onto a “base” or pallet for more stable and timely transport, helped revolutionize shipping in the 20th century. But how and why? It all comes down to one motive: getting products delivered across the globe as fast and efficiently as possible, without damaging the goods.


If you don’t know why pallets are so amazing- here are the key benefits that they bring to your doorstep (literally).

All in the movement

When it comes to streamlining the supply chain, it’s all about creativity, innovation and problem solving to save time and cut costs. The pallet is a prime example of all three. Packaging and handling is an area of the supply chain that can always be optimized. Instead of taking one single item at a time and loading it into the back of a truck, for example, the pallet allows you to move a bunch at a time.

Fosters speed

The anticipated shape and size of a pallet allows handling to know what to expect, fostering faster loading, unloading and overall turnaround time. Pallets work well with cross docking equipment, like forklifts, enabling quick and efficient lifting without the need for as much manual labor, thus reducing injury risk.

Protects cargo

By packaging products onto a pallet, you can get a better sense of how to stack them up and wrap them for improved cushioning and tightness. When pallets are loaded up, you won’t have loose products rolling around a trailer or threatening to fall over and break. Pallets keep things organized and protected by providing a strong foundation– just like a house.