3 Biggest Advantages of Using a Freight Broker

If you’re a beginner to shipping, you might have found yourself thinking, “Do I need a freight broker?”


A freight broker is a logistics professional that helps organize shipping between the shipper and carrier. They make a commission in return for finagling the partnership.


If you decide to use a freight broker, step back and take a deep breath, because you can rest easy knowing there is an experienced professional by your side. Here are the 3 biggest advantages to using a freight broker.

Everything you need all in one place

Probably the biggest advantage of using a freight broker is the efficiency. You get all the perks of a shipping department without having to search for equipment, paperwork or support in various locations. In fact, you don’t have to handle training, audits and invoices at all! The freight broker takes care of the details while you focus on your business.

Get extensive knowledge at the tips of your fingers

It doesn’t matter if it’s you first time shipping. With a freight broker by your side, you get an expert that knows the industry inside and out. You’ll discover the most efficient practices to streamline your supply chain while having access to the latest technology and equipment. Not only are you assured the best planning that saves time and money, but you get to learn the tips and tricks from the best!

They’ve got the connections

Freight brokers not only have knowledge of the industry, but the connections to help you save as much as possible. When shipping across the country, a freight broker can offer a vast network that allows you to garner discounts and possess buying power. You get an edge over the competition because of who you know.


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